Formed in early ’92, DM3 made their mark on the International Power Pop scene with three highly acclaimed albums over a seven-year period.

“ONE TIME TWO TIMES THREE RED LIGHT”(93), ROAD TO ROME” (’96) and “RIPPLED SOUL” (’99), along with 2 albums worth of rarities and out-takes, GARAGE SALE Volume 1 & Volume 2, their fusion of melodic pop hooks, cool vocals and high energy rock’n’roll guitar earned them high praise from fans and critics alike as possibly the best power Pop band Australia has produced.

DM3 reformed in 2010 at the invitation to play the Purple Festival in Leon, Spain. The reunion led to appearances at the SxSW festival in Austin Texas, and tours of Spain, Italy and France to promote their ‘LIVE in DENMARK” album recorded at the Roskilde Festival.  A new compilation vinyl was issued in 2015: 'West of Anywhere: best of DM3. The band continue having fun and drawing crowds and still play regularly around Perth and Fremantle. They released a new double-A side single on vinyl - 'Monsters/Before You Go' in 2017. Check out the video here.




“Road to Rome” LP

“Based on this disc and his other recorded output, DM3’s Dom Mariani (late of the just-as wonderful Aussie combos the Someloves and the Stems) must be considered one of the top 5 pop titans of the past decade or so. Brilliant.” GOLDMINE (US)

"Dom Mariani has garnered more respect and admiration than any other power-pop musician outside of the United States.” YELLOW PILLS (US)

"Dom Mariani has a rich history in pop music, and over time has become associated with the Australian pop music scene and it maybe a well worn cliché, but Power Pop doesn’t get any better than this." POPSIDED (US)

“Dazzling guitars, delicious melodies and hooks, hooks, hooks are the order of the day.” THE TROUSER PRESS GUIDE TO ‘90s ROCK

"So what’s the bottom line here? Well, Road to Rome is another flat-out killer from Dom Mariani and his cohorts. It’s beefy guitar sound takes it out of the relm of simply being a great power pop album; this is great rock and roll period." AUDITIES (US)

“Dom Mariani still sets the benchmark. Tight, powerful, cool, catchy and clear as a transparent bell.” REVUE The West Australian

“In all it’s a perfect combination of sizzling guitars, pop dripping vocals and snappy inoffensive back beats wrapped around the most edibly, infectious of melodies… and isn’t that what true pop is meant to be all about.”

"Dom Mariani still sets the benchmark. Tight, powerful, cool, catchy and clear as a transparent bell. REVUE The West Australian “Soultop” All three cuts are crammed with the kind of melodic hooks a Tin Pan Alley writer would sell his blind grandma for, and they’ve got a real in-your-face ballsiness that’d make even members of the KISS army stand up and salute." THE BOB(US)


"Lure" EP

“For me the magic “ingredients” is Mariani’s guitar playing-loaded with sex, drama, comedy and quite often a good cigar later on.” REVUE The West Australian