Thu Jul 04
Bold new Mariani collaboration: 'BaggageHandler' has arrived

The album 'BaggageHandler' is the outcome of a unique collaboration between Dom Mariani and renowned sound and visual artist Jon Tarry. Recorded at Killerwatt Studios in 2017, it is a shared intuitive exploration – of the moments between departure and arrival. Mariani and Tarry construct a sonic framework from an unknown turbulent space. Each track goes there unknowingly, yet finds itself in the slipstream of shared memory. Mariani and Tarry are the BaggageHandlers for this journey.

'BaggageHandler' is what happens when two diverse creative practitioners at the top of their game decide to work together.

Buy 'BaggageHandler' here. Listen on Spotify here.

Don't miss the very special launch of this unique soundscape at The Backlot on 9 August.