Wed May 02

For the most part of 2011 and the first part of this year things have been busy on the recording side of things. Two albums were started and another was still going from 2005,'s the latest!

The new DomNicks album 'Super Real' is finally done!,..and will be out soon enough,...stay tuned.

A double A-side vinyl single "Cool Runnings" and "I Wonder What You're Doin' Now" will also be available around the same time as the album release.

A clip for Cool Runnings is being shot next week.


Majestic Kelp new album!

Mixing has started on the new Majestic Kelp album 'Turn Up The Sun'.



The debut album is also coming along nicely. 7 tracks have been recorded and some time has been set aside next month to record another 3.


And if that's not enough - A live DM3 album recorded at Roskilde festival in 1994 is also set for a release.