Thu Mar 26

Cheers to for this review of D4 album number four: 
"The furious opening jams of “Mother Medusa” and chugging blues of “Wolfman Woogie” will leave a bruise. Dom peels off some stinging guitar on the aforementioned “Give” in particular. The rollicking blues of “Rule My World” could have brought a pissed and stoned Sunbury festival crowd to its feet at 4am."

The album drops on 17 April. Preorder here.


Sat Mar 07

Waiting for Datura4's 'West Coast Highway Cosmic' to drop on 17 April just got easier with this limited edition vinyl single. A-side 'Rule My World' - not available on the vinyl edition of the album, and B-side 'Phoenix' not available on the album. Only 300 available, so there's a maximum of three per order. Get yours here

Thu Feb 13

Here it is...the first tune from Datura4's new album that drops in April, 'West Coast Highway Cosmic'. Now available for pre-order at Alive Naturalsound Records

Mon Jan 27

Hot on the heels of their critically acclaimed third album, Blessed is the Boogie, Datura4 have hit the motorway running in 2020 for another journey through burning boogie, dirty blues and rock 'n' roll with West Coast Highway Cosmic. Album number four is inspired by the highways the band has travelled to get to two recording studios 200 kilometres [124 miles] apart, situated along the southwest coast of Western Australia, to put the record together. 

Ahead of the album's release in April, Datura4 will release a strictly limited vinyl single: A-side ‘Rule My World’ not available on the vinyl version of the album, and the non-album B-side ‘Phoenix’. More details later in the week.